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the deep vascular inner layer of the skin

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These lesions resemble a mild inflammatory dermatosis, and they feature a perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate in the papillary dermis and a mildly hyperplastic nonspongiotic epidermis that can exhibit focal hyperkeratosis or parakeratosis.
Histologic evaluation with hematoxylin and cosin staining revealed a spindle-cell-type malignancy that originated in the dermis and extended down into the subcutaneous fat and muscle (figure 2).
In full thickness coapted incision wounds on rats, a single topical application of TGF-Beta 3 prior to wound coaptation enhanced and accelerated the reconstitution of the dermis and dermal matrix healing, resulting in up to a three-fold increase in wound breaking strength versus placebo.
Mulder reported on the use of a cultured human dermis (Dermagraft) on 50 patients in a multicenter clinical trial.
They carry less energy than UVB rays, but they travel deeper into the skin, into the dermis.
Cohen reported on updated characterization studies which showed Dermagraft to be physiologically similar to human dermis.
Only the proprietary Fraxel laser with its unique science of fractional resurfacing provides a comprehensive treatment approach that gently repairs the epidermal abnormalities and also reaches deep into the dermis to induce new collagen formation without compromising patient safety," continues Dr.
The sample was notable for a dense infiltrate that contained many plasma cells in the reticular dermis and for endothelial swelling and proliferation.
EMLA combines the Astra-developed anesthetics lidocaine and prilocaine in an oil and water emulsion that allows high concentrations of the pain killers to reach nerve endings in the dermis directly through the intact epidermal layers of skin.
Without his dermis, he has no way to get rid of excess heat.
The masses arise in the dermis and progress to deeper soft tissues.
Our TecTix system has been successfully tested in vitro on numerous drug models, including AP-1118, a local anaesthetic where concentration in the dermis was increased by +236%, improving the topical to systemic absorption ratio.
It also didn't have sweat glands, which are located in the dermis.
This biomaterial is an acellular, cross-linked collagen matrix derived from porcine dermis.
Myofibromas are benign mesenchymal tumors that are commonly found in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues of the head and neck.