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5 times as many flies (n = 44) than dermestid beetles (n = 8) over the course of the year-long study (Fig.
Finding live dermestid beet le larvae in the mid-intestine was quite a testimony to the sturdiness of this insect, considering that terrapins easily digest crabs.
and there is now a predator--the red-legged ham beetle--that preys on the other two dermestids.
Clearly, maintaining a healthy colony of Dermestid beetles is a science and, in truth, The Bug Man owes his well-earned nickname to his wonderful wife, Danielle, the true Bug Lady.
S SUMMARY: Dermestid eggs can hatch in three to four days.
But if not for the bug problems suffered by a close friend of mine, we might have lost all of our own trophies to hungry dermestid beetles.
He'd recently built a beautiful new trophy room, and as we looked things over he told me how he'd lost three turkeys and a buffalo mount to dermestid beetles.
He didn't know too much about dermestid beetles, and the national company be worked for didn't even exterminate for them.
The sad truth is, it doesn't matter if you have only one whitetail mount on your wall or hundreds of animals from around the world, dermestid beetles really don't show a preference.
One dermestid can produce six generations per year under favorable conditions.
In the wild, dermestid beetles are numerous and exist everywhere.
In your home, dermestid beetles are capable of feeding on any edible food source.
Steffan (1982; 1985), however, found evidence of ancient infestation, single larval exuviae of the dermestids Dermestes frischii Kug.
Dermestids -- an embalmer's dilemma, Antenna 5: 136-9.
Small amounts of para-dichlorobenzene were used to protect the collections from infestation by dermestids and other harmful insects.