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disorder involving lesions or eruptions of the skin (in which there is usually no inflammation)

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Acroangiodermatitis (pseudo-Kaposi's sarcoma, AAD) is a benign vascular dermatosis that clinically and histopathologically resembles Kaposi's sarcoma (1).
A child or adolescent who has had "athlete's foot" that has not responded to topical antifungals may actually have juvenile plantar dermatosis or "toxic sock syndrome," he said.
Life Science Analytics, Skin Infections or Dermatosis or Skin Itching Therapy Area Pipeline Report contains detailed information on the skin infections or dermatosis or skin itching drug pipeline.
4) The presentation of slightly verrucous "dirtlike" plaques refractory to cleansing with soap and water alone, should prompt the consideration of terra firma-forme dermatosis.
414 consecutive patients with non-tumoral dermatosis were evaluated, of which 40 patients had psoriasis and red globules were seen in all 40 of them (100%).
The histopathology of NUD is characteristic of a neutrophilic dermatosis.
The use of 70% alcohol swabbing to diagnose terra firma-forme dermatosis, with lesions disappearing with swabbing, is classic and used to differentiate it from CARP.
Erythema elevatum diutinum whose deposition of vascular immuno-complex is responsible for the etiopathogenesis is a type of skin disease classified in the group of chronic neutrophilic dermatosis.
Lichen striatus is an uncommon self-limiting linear dermatosis with unknown aetiology and spontaneous regression.
Tungiasis: a poorly documented tropical dermatosis.
Linear IgA bullous dermatosis (LABD) is an autoimmune skin disorder in which blisters form as a result of a split between the epidermis and dermis.
Predictor variables and possible confounders included baseline clinical characteristics, such as SAM classification, oedema grade, dermatosis grade, presence of LRTIs, critical illness on admission, presence of other comorbidities, HIV status, and the WHO HIV/AIDS disease stage.
Linear immunoglobulin A (IgA) bullous dermatosis (LAD) is a rare cutaneous disease resulting in subepidermal blisters.
Objective: Pigmented purpuric dermatosis (PPD) is a chronic skin disease characterized by petechial and pigmentary macules.