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disorder involving lesions or eruptions of the skin (in which there is usually no inflammation)

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Onodera H, Mihm MC Jr, Yoshida A, Akasaka T: Drug-induced linear IgA bullous dermatosis.
Fabbri P, Antiga E, Caproni M: Practical advances in diagnosis and treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis and IgA linear dermatosis.
Clobetasol Propionate Foam is a topical corticosteroid indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe dermatosis of the scalp.
Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis condition that has no certain etiology.
In addition to VIN 1 not having any progression to malignancy, it is a diagnosis that is difficult to reproduce and may, at times, reflect reactive changes or other dermatosis.
Rheumatoid neutrophilic dermatosis (RND) is a rare subset that is specifically associated with RA and must be differentiated from its mimics, specifically infection and vasculitic syndromes.
According to a review of more than 150 elderly patients in the outpatient setting who presented with a chief complaint of persistent pruritus, the five most common diagnoses were atopiclike dermatosis, lichen simplex chronicus/prurigo nodularis, subacute prurigo, transient acantholytic dermatosis, and neuropathic disease.
Among all the patients with dermatosis in hospitals, those suffering from allergic dermatosis account for 30%.
The findings are significant for a neutrophilic dermatosis with interface involvement of the epidermal/ dermal junction.
Dermatosis contributing factors in bilateral lower limb war-amputees.
Vasoactive products produced by the tumour can cause carcinoid syndrome, which is characterized by sweating, flushing, wheezing, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cardiac valvular fibrosis and pellagra dermatosis.
Findlay GH, Nurse GT, et al Keratolytic winter erythema or 'Oudtshoorn skin': A newly recognised inherited dermatosis prevalent in South Africa.
Lupus is the prototypic inflammatory dermatosis associated with a perivascular and periadnexal infiltrate occurring both superficially and deep, increased dermal mucin, follicular plugging (A), and interface changes (B) (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnifications X20 [A] andX600 [B]).