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fungal infection of the skin (especially of moist parts covered by clothing)

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According to worldwide scientific observations, dermatophytoses are the most common of the superficial fungal infections, especially in tropics and subtropics due to high humidity.
14,15] These additional properties of sertaconazole are likely to make an impact on the concomitant symptom control and therefore improve the quality of life of these patients with dermatophytoses.
Zoophilic and geophilic dermatophytoses among farmers and non-farmers in Eastern Poland.
Dermatophytes are a group of morphologically and physiologically related molds some of which cause well-defined infections: dermatophytoses (tineas or ringworm).
Categories of fungal diseases include superficial mycoses (those located on the outer surface of hair, nails, and skin known as dermatophytoses caused by such dermatophytes as Trichophyton and Microsporum, the fungi that cause ringworm and those located subcutaneously such as Fonsecaea, the fungi that causes chromblastomycosis), systemic mycoses (those that invade body tissues and tend to be dimorphic fungi such as Blastomyces), and opportunistic mycoses (those fungi such as Candida that are normally harmless, but can cause disease in a compromised/ altered host).
Efficacy and safety of butenafine in superficial dermatophytoses (tinea pedis, tinea cruris, tinea corporis).
The most common skin lesion found in our study is dermatophytoses followed by diabetic dermopathy.
A clinico-mycological study of dermatophytoses in Nepal.
Here in this article, dermatophytoses, piedra, Malassezia infections, Candida infections, and major characteristics of deep cutaneous fungal infections in immune compromised children and their relevant treatments are discussed.
Oral antifungal agents are generally considered safe in the treatment of skin dermatophytoses.
I was asked to review the potential use of the newer antifungal agents for the various superficial dermatophytoses.
Key words: Fungal infection, renal transplant, candidiasis, dermatophytoses.
The infection is dermatophytoses, commonly known as ring worm or tinea.