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a surgical instrument used to cut very thin slices of skin

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Electrical stimulation of sacral dermatomes can suppress aberrant urethral reflexes in felines with chronic spinal cord injury.
Beta test results were analyzed against each tissue bank's previous year's data generated using conventional dermatomes to provide an accurate comparison.
The second section outlines common neurological tests and scales such as those for muscles, motor points, dermatomes and myotomes, spasticity findings, radiculopathies, traumatic brain injury assessment, stroke scales, and pressure ulcers.
Paroxysmal stabbing headache in the multiple dermatomes of the head and neck: a variant of primary stabbing headache or occipital neuralgia?
Their polyradiculopathy is often at multiple levels, as distinguished from the mono-radicular, well-demarcated pain affecting one of several key dermatomes that's typical in patients with a herniated disc.
10) Dermatomes from T3 to L3 are most frequently affected.
A 64-year-old female who developed an erythematous rash with clear, grouped vesicles involving the right C7-C8 dermatomes visited the dermatology department of our hospital.
The brushing is done with a battery-operated brush lightly touching the appropriate skin area, that is the dermatomes whose nerve root supply is the same as the muscle to be stimulated.
Injecting procaine intradermally in wheals over acupuncture points on the chest and neck, and over vertebral dermatomes that enervate the heart and tender scapular points, can relieve chest pain.
Sensation to pinprick over the C5-6 dermatomes was bilaterally reduced as was strength during elbow flexion, shoulder abduction, and external rotation (worse on the right).
For instance, trees such as pods and roots of Acacia tortilis are used to treat skin infections, allergic dermatomes, and as a vermifuge; Parkinsonia aculeata is used as an antipyretic and to treat diabetics; pods of Ceratonia siliqua are used as a laxative and have demulcent qualities.
Clinical measurements such as MIP do not provide specific information about diaphragmatic force generation and DOMS from the diaphragm may have been decreased or referred to upper cervical dermatomes (C3, 4, 5) due to its internal location.
The first section provides a systemic overview beginning with the skeleton and moving on to muscles, arteries, veins, nerves, dermatomes and cross-sections of different areas in the body.
On examination, he had hyperesthesia in the sensory dermatomes of both median nerves, a positive Tinel sign in the wrists, and a mild decrease in thumb abduction bilaterally.