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a doctor who specializes in the physiology and pathology of the skin

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The role of a dermatologist in case of leprosy cannot be restricted to the part of the skin and diagnosis only, but must include the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of reactions and other complications.
We got her psoriasis under control so that she was able to stay on her immunotherapy, which had saved her life," said dermatologist Nicole LeBoeuf, MD, the director of the Skin Toxicities from Anticancer Therapies Clinic at the cancer center, who was involved with the case.
The wait to see a local dermatologist often ranges from two months to more than six months--especially in rural or underserved areas," explains David Wong, CEO of DirectDerm.
Maintenance treatment is usually with either topical acne creams as prescribed by your dermatologist or with the procedures like Microdermabrassion and HydraFacial and Blue and Red Light therapy.
According to Pineda, after passing the medical board, a dermatologist must have three-year practice and training.
Given that the "dermatologist recommended" claim in this case was premised solely on the recommendation of one dermatologist based on her own personal experience with the advertiser's product, NAD recommended that this claim be discontinued.
The well-trained artificial neural network s classification promises to be as good as those of the dermatologist or even better.
Overlooked by the FDA are the suspicious lesions that are not biopsied because of a judgment error on the part of a dermatologist.
The skin on the flexural surfaces of the joints is the most commonly affected part in people," the dermatologist told Times of Oman.
They were instead found incidentally on other parts of the body by the dermatologist and had been missed by the referring clinician.
A 42-YEAR-OLD WOMAN consulted a dermatologist in October about a suspicious lesion on her face.
In comparison, the reported median wait time for a new-patient visit is less than 2 weeks to see a pediatrician and less than 5 weeks for a general/adult dermatologist, Dr.
They offer such comments and have such opinions without perhaps ever seeing a dermatologist at work.
Stuart Kaplan, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, has not calculated the potential tax burden of Botox on his practice.
Ariel Ostad, dermatologist and assistant professor, New York University Medical School.