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a doctor who specializes in the physiology and pathology of the skin

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La Roche-Posay is looking for the next dermatologist program to support through the Dermatologist from the Heart.
Given that the "dermatologist recommended" claim in this case was premised solely on the recommendation of one dermatologist based on her own personal experience with the advertiser's product, NAD recommended that this claim be discontinued.
The well-trained artificial neural network s classification promises to be as good as those of the dermatologist or even better.
The skin on the flexural surfaces of the joints is the most commonly affected part in people," the dermatologist told Times of Oman.
1 -- color) Dermatologist Stuart Kaplan holds up a bottle of Botox in his Beverly Hills office.
Asra All, dermatologist and assistant professor, University of Texas Medical School, Houston.
It was a bold move, considering that through their own competitive intelligence they found six spas, 30 plastic surgeons, and 50 dermatologists that advertise consistently through local print, newspaper, radio, and television ads.
No one knows what causes rosacea, says Cleveland dermatologist Amy H.
Dermatologists warn that not even the best sunscreens prevent all the potentially cancer-causing damage that ultraviolet light (UV) does to skin.
Laying out" is a cheap pastime--sessions under the lights run for roughly five bucks a pop--but dermatologists wonder about the long-term costs.
Franks, a New York City dermatologist (doctor who treats skin diseases).
Northeastern Ontario was on the brink of losing its only full-time dermatologist late last month, and the Sudbury-area medical community is blaming the Ministry of Health.
Additionally, DermLink will put users in contact with a dermatologist who accepts the patient's insurance plan and who is located closest to the patient's home or office in the event that a follow-up visit is required.
And the majority of respondents in eight of 10 categories who had visited a dermatologist chose an ASDS member.