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the branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases

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The Delph range, aimed at the budget end of the market has been independently, dermatologically tested and claims to be the cheapest, fully tested branded product available which, Hill says, "allows independent retailers to compete against the big boys".
Technology Benefits: - Reduces pain to the applied area IMMEDIATELY - Drug free technology - Increases blood flow and oxygen to applied areas for accelerated healing and recovery - Improves circulation and cell function (metabolism) - Decreases stiffness in tendons and ligaments - Relaxes the muscles and decreases spasms - Provides comfort and support - Suitable for use while exercising or simply during the course of the user's normal day - Tested in accordance with FDA guidelines - Clinically tested positive (on humans and laboratory rats) pain relief, strength and endurance gain, as well as general comfort and support - Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin How It Works:
The products are more than beauty products - they are actually pharmaceutically produced and dermatologically tested so that any skin, no matter how acute its condition, can be cured.
Their treated T-shirts have a 30+ SPF, don't loose their effectiveness after washing and have been dermatologically tested to show they do not cause skin irritation or allergic reaction.
Dermatologically tested and suitable for children over the age of two, the Autan range is non-sticky and non-greasy making it any mum's perfect partner in protecting the kids.
Simple eye make-up remover, made by Smith and Nephew, doesn't claim to be natural, but it says on the front that it is preservative-free and dermatologically approved.
The restructuring shampoo and conditioning mask contain almond oil and a natural dermatologically advanced complex that is said to nourish and replace lost moisture while providing a protective film.
Eucerin Dry Skin does not contain steroids and is clinically proven, dermatologically tested and suitable for children.
Overall results of the Phase 1 clinical trial indicate that Product R was safe and well tolerated dermatologically in all the doses applied in the study.
All Dove deodorant formulations have been dermatologically tested and their gentleness and effectiveness have been clinically proven.
This new brand from Avon features clinically and dermatologically tested products, suitable for even sensitive skin, as well as preservative-free and dye-free.
Market research firm The Benchmarking Company's report "Survival of the Prettiest--Face & Body Care Edition" shows that women are increasingly demanding that their skin care products be dermatologically sound.
The product is mineral oil free and is dermatologically and sensitivity tested.