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of or relating to or practicing dermatology

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Epiphany Dermatology, through its partnership with leading dermatologists at 31 locations in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Missouri, provides general dermatology, skin cancer care, Mohs surgery, cosmetic services, and additional dermatologic services.
Epiphany Dermatology provides dermatologic care through its partnership with dermatologists at 30 locations in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona, US.
Ayli served his medical internship and dermatology residency at the University of Cincinnati, where he received extensive training in complicated dermatologic cases, dermatologic surgery, and dermatopathology.
The findings argue for close collaboration between the dermatologic surgeon and the patient's hematologist when scheduling extended-duration dermatologic procedures in patients taking ibrutinib.
This landmark approval was years in the making at Galderma and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to individuals with dermatologic concerns such as acne," said Philip Brown, senior vice president of medical and regulatory affairs.
We continue to explore opportunities in our clinical development programs to serve patients in need, including our research evaluating the real-world impact dermatologic diseases can have on patients.
The study found that the rate of dermatologic consultations did not change for the 18 months after VisualDx was introduced compared to the 12 months before it was introduced.
Basic dermatologic nomenclature, pathology, and adverse event grading is included for readers who have not yet encountered these areas in their curriculum or training.
Despite the 62% rise in the average number of procedures per dermatologist, from a mean of 1,111 per physician in 1995 to 1,795 per physician in 2008, the percent of all dermatologic procedures done by dermatologists in 1995-2008 stood at 55%, down from 69% in 1993-1994, said Dr.
NEW YORK -- The number of dermatologic procedures more than doubled from 1995 to 2008, and the share of those procedures done by U.
There are three major groups of psychodermatological disorders; psychophysiologic disorders, psychiatric disorders with dermatologic symptoms, and dermatologic disorders with psychiatric symptoms.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Patients with pruritus are twice as likely to have a comorbid psychiatric diagnosis as those with other dermatologic diagnoses, according to a large epidemiologic study.
Although oncology nurses are familiar with the dermatologic manifestations of the chemotherapies and radiation they have used for many years, they may not know how to recognize, manage, or counsel their patients about the distinctive skin toxicities associated with newer targeted therapies.
The patient came to the dermatology service of the Tropical Medical Center, where dermatologic and histopathologic examinations were conducted and CD cell counts and HIV viral load were measured.
A board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, Dr.