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the study of the whorls and loops and arches in the fingertips and on the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet

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Keywords * Autistic disorder * Dermatoglyphics * Fingerprint * Child * Risk
11 Our patient had no alopecia, palmoplantar hyperkeratosis, or blistering and had absence of dermatoglyphics only over fingertips.
Dermatoglyphics is one of the new and advancing branches of medical science, which studies cornified layer of epidermis and dermal papillae.
Analysis of the dermatoglyphics in Turkish patients with Klinefelter's syndrome.
There have already been researches on dermatoglyphics, a study of the patterns of the ridges, whirls of the skin of fingers and palms and its relationship with other diseases.
This seminar provides training in personalized nutrition determination using blood grouping, secretor status, epigenetic indicators, dermatoglyphics and biometrics.
Dermatoglyphics, handedness, sex, and sexual orientation.
Key words: Coyaima indians, Bogota mestizo, dermatoglyphics, ethnic relationships.
The latest research about lines on the hand - dermatoglyphics is the word for it - is from Barcelona and scientists claim they can be a marker for intelligence.
While some prefer to measure human FA in tooth size (Fraser, 1994), many prefer dermatoglyphics, namely the skin patterns found on the palms of the hands.
In some instances, soil conditions were such that dermatoglyphics, or skin ridge details, were preserved in the footprints and transferred to the casts.
Often there will be a little bit of a depression or an induration in the middle of a squeezed lesion, indicating that the dermatoglyphics are disturbed," he said.