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the lines that form patterns on the skin (especially on the fingertips and the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet)

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The dermatoglyphic patterns on right and left hands were analysed sex-wise and using mean and standard deviations the statistical significance was assessed.
Dermatoglyphic features are thought to be inherited as autosomal dominant, recessive, single gene or polygenic with complete or incomplete penetrance and variable expression of genes.
Genetics of dermatoglyphic asymmetry in Vaidyas of West Bengal, India.
Dermatoglyphic studies in patients with Cooley's anaemia.
Abnormal dermatoglyphic pattern has been in many non-chromosomal genetic disorder and other diseases whose aetiology may be influenced directly or indirectly by genetic disorder.
The first ever work for dermatoglyphics was done somewhat around 3000 years back when Chinese used fingerprints to sign legal documents.
Abnormal dermatoglyphic patterns are known to occur with genetic disorders like Mongolism, Turner's syndrome, Kline filter's syndrome etc.
Gowda MST and Rao CP: A study to evaluate relationship between dermatoglyphic features and blood groups.
13%) in the study of digital dermatoglyphic pattern in a sample of the Nigerian populations.
Palms & soles were normal with mild alteration in dermatoglyphic pattern.
For the patient Dermatoglyphic pattern was taken by ink-pad technique, for that different prints are analyzed on white glazed paper by using magnifying lens.
Till date there is no data available about the dermatoglyphic patterns of club foot patient in Odisha state.
Since many genes take part in the formation of dermatoglyphic characters, it is possible that genes which predispose to familial disease may, by pleiotropic, also influence the ridge pattern so that particular constellation of dermatoglyphic features may be characteristic of a particular disease.
The dermatoglyphic patterns make their appearance as early as 12th to 13th week of gestation.
Dermatoglyphic patterns, albeit varied, remain stable for a lifetime and yield a large number of patterns upon examination.