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the lines that form patterns on the skin (especially on the fingertips and the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet)

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Differentiating between low and high susceptibility to schizophrenia in twins: the significance of dermatoglyphic indices in relation to other determinants of brain development.
Two of the longest dictionary-listed isograms, for example, are the 15-letter DERMATOGLYPHICS (listed in both The Oxford English Dictionary and Webster's Third New International) and UNCOPYRIGHTABLE (in The Oxford English Dictionary).
There have already been researches on dermatoglyphics, a study of the patterns of the ridges, whirls of the skin of fingers and palms and its relationship with other diseases.
This seminar provides training in personalized nutrition determination using blood grouping, secretor status, epigenetic indicators, dermatoglyphics and biometrics.
Subsequently, imprints of organic materials were noticed on the pellets, and these provided important information on dermatoglyphics (Vlcek 1951; Kralik et al.
The latest research about lines on the hand - dermatoglyphics is the word for it - is from Barcelona and scientists claim they can be a marker for intelligence.
Reading fingerprints - or dermatoglyphics to give the process its scientific name - can also be used to confirm Down's syndrome.