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Synonyms for dermal

of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula

of or relating to or located in the dermis


relating to or existing on or affecting the skin

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Interacting with UV radiation to photoconvert air pollutant-derived dermally absorbed pre-radicals into active radicals.
There was also no evidence of acute systemic toxicity among rabbits that were dermally administered HCA at 2 g/kg body weight (Ohia et al.
Fish and aquatic animals are exposed to pesticides in three primary ways (1) dermally, direct absorption through the skin by swimming in pesticide-contaminated waters, (2) breathing, by direct uptake of pesticides through the gills during respiration, and (3) orally, by drinking pesticide-contaminated water or feeding on pesticide-contaminated prey.
Pups were treated dermally with 0, 1, 3, or 5 mg/kg of MP daily for 21 days after birth.
Additionally, the metabolism of ziram might be different in ZF embryos than in mammals because absorption at this early age may occur orally, dermally, or through the yolk.
Numerous experimental studies have demonstrated that certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are dermally absorbed from air at rates that are comparable to their intake via inhalation (e.
It can be utilized both dermally and transdermally.
FLG-null carriers may constitute a susceptible group for which special attention to phthalates and other dermally applied chemicals in skin care products is warranted.
Other studies have shown successful liver uptake of PMOs administered intravenously, orally and dermally.
2], we calculated that 30 min of daily bathing or showering would result in a dermally absorbed phenanthrene dose of only 86 ng/person/day, compared with our estimated 12,000 ng/person/day from daily oral ingestion of 2 L of drinking water.
announced Interferon-a has been successfully delivered both dermally and transdermally, without the need for an injection, utilizing the Biphasix(tm) delivery system in a study of seventeen healthy human volunteers.
Although these sources of BPA exposure have not been well characterized, they could pose a greater health risk than ingestion because BPA that is inhaled or absorbed dermally may spend more time circulating through the bloodstream in unconjugated form than does BPA that enters the body through the oral route, which is subject to first-pass elimination.
Most carbonless paper receipts used in convenience and grocery stores contain BPA, which could be dermally absorbed, orally ingested, or inhaled (vom Saal and Myers 2008).
In addition, ingested THMs are rapidly metabolized by the liver, whereas inhaled or dermally absorbed THMs are not (Haddad et al.
In a human pharmacokinetic study, the chlorpyrifos doses administered either orally or dermally resulted in the excretion of TCPY in the urine of participants (Nolan et al.