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Dermal sinus Fecal incontinence 2 3% Table 3: Type of Diastematomyelia Sl.
Rest of the patients with spinal dysraphism had dermoid at conusmedullaris/intraspinaldermoid, low- lying spinal cord, diastometomyelia, tethered spinal cord, lipoma, dermal sinus and tight filumterminale as the cause of neurogenic bladder (Figures-1-6).
Particularly in the presence of dermal sinus, meningitis or spinal abscess may develop.
Diferentiating dermal sinuses from sacral dimples Dermal sinus Sacral dimple Location Anywhere from tip of Usually in the natal the nose to coccyx, cleft, directed slightly off the caudally towards tip midline of coccyx Appearance Punctuate, may be Much larger, almost almost invisible crater-like Associated Often skin Nil features discoloration or tuft of hair Complications Meningitis (often Mainly cosmetic recurrent), dermoid tumour Investigation MRI mandatory Seldom necessary
A dermal sinus is a tract of cutaneous ectoderm which extends to varying degrees through the underlying mesenchymal tissues, sometimes as far as the dura of the neural tube14.
The most common in the pediatric population are congenital growths, such as dermal sinus cysts, encephaloceles, and gliomas.
Below T9 was a linear bony septum which ended abruptly, and an associated dorsal dermal sinus posterior to this.
Roughly 25% of cases result from contiguous spread of infection associated with a dermal sinus tract.
A "tight filum" or dermal sinus tract results when skin and skin elements get dragged into the fold forming the spine.