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Synonyms for graft

Synonyms for graft

money, property, or a favor given, offered, or promised to a person or accepted by a person in a position of trust as an inducement to dishonest behavior

Synonyms for graft

(surgery) tissue or organ transplanted from a donor to a recipient

the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage

the act of grafting something onto something else


cause to grow together parts from different plants

Related Words

place the organ of a donor into the body of a recipient

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Early healing in group III might be due to the presence of P-MEF within the acellular dermal graft.
LifeCell's first commercial product, AlloDerm(R) acellular dermal graft, is used in reconstructive plastic, dental and burn surgery.
Marco Barusco, a hair transplant surgeon with over 12 years of experience, wants to determine if BellaDerm - a natural dermal graft - will improve the appearance of the scalp of hair transplant patients.
LifeCell Corporation (Nasdaq:LIFC) today announced that a paper covering a 1995 study of its AlloDerm(R) dermal graft, titled "Acellular Human Dermis Promotes Cultured Keratinocyte Engraftment," was awarded the prestigious "Hans von Seemen Prize" by the German Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
As an organization focused on responding to customer needs, our new dermal graft is addressing a supplemental product request by a number of surgeons currently using our Osteo product line.
Our patented technology has now matured to deliver our first commercial product, AlloDerm(R) acellular dermal graft, and to bring others to clinical evaluation, including ThromboSol(TM) and Micronized AlloDerm(TM).