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Infused with wheat derived protein, a natural moisturising ingredient, the spray creates a heat re-active barrier on the hair, guarding against long term brittleness and dehydration and helping boost shine.
Analysis of the Expression Construct in Cells used for Production of r-DNA Derived Protein Products
In the course of the presentation, the addition on new plasma derived products was identified as among the key drivers for the continued growth of the plasma derived protein market.
Clermont-Ferrand, France) has patented a recombinant nucleotide sequence containing a cDNA coding for a lactoferrin, in particular human lactoferrin, or the derived proteins, and elements enabling a plant cell to produce lactoferrin or the derived proteins, coded by said cDNA, in particular a transcription promoter and terminator identified by the plant cell transcription machinery, to transform plant cells in order to obtain, from these cells, or plants obtained therefrom, lactoferrin or derived proteins.
The company's products include the SILK-A[R], SISAQ-A[TM], and SISAQ-Tau[TM] Assays, which rely upon stable isotope labeling and tandem mass spectrometry for the measurement of the kinetics, or in vivo metabolism, and absolute quantitation of brain derived proteins.