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Let R be a prime ring of characteristic not 2, U a nonzero square closed Lie ideal of R and F, G be two generalized derivations of R with associated derivations d and [delta] of R respectively.
Leerawat, On derivations of BCC-algebras, Kasetsart Journal, 53(2009), 398-401.
A well known result of Posner (19) states that for a non-zero derivation d of a prime ring R, if [[d(x), x], y] = 0 for all x, y [member of] R, then R is commutative.
In the analysed data there are 65 derivations of different verbal stems.
The correct derivation of this is from the Latin "manus" meaning a hand, as in maniple (a small unit of legionaries or handful) from which comes manipulate, which is what B.
Inflectional morphology is the realization of morphosyntactic categories in that it is used in the spelling-out of the lexeme's collection of grammatical words into word forms; derivation, on the other hand, is the realization of derivational categories and is used to spell out "lexeme formation.
Sympathetic as I am to this conclusion, I was not convinced by Leeuwen-Turnovcova's derivation of it.
This kind of generalized derivations are called as inner generalized derivations of R.
Generalize Jordan derivations on a semi prime rings
While previous editions of the text contained derivations of the Navier-Stokes equations in three coordinate systems, derivations of the boundary layer equations, and integral methods of solution, this edition, according to the author, "has been modified to make it better suited for an emerging place in the mechanical engineering curriculum.
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Where Perrone's derivations become most engaging is where their appearances become most deceptive.
Part 1 traces a variety of Duncan's influences and derivations.
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