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  • adj

Synonyms for derivational

stemming from an original source

Antonyms for derivational

characterized by inflections indicating a semantic relation between a word and its base


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The stem may be linked derivationally with [24] Bur tark 'byre, hut for animals' (L 346) (B 422), with a basic shared semantics of 'holding, sheltering, enclosing' and can be segmented as *huyes+tra(l)+-c 'one who shelters, looks after the sheep'.
The derivationally less transparent, low frequency items of Latinate origin, in contrast, are more typical of the advanced vocabulary associated with later, school-age language and literacy (Anglin 1993; Clark 1995; Ravid 2004a).
There is no linguistic way to link women and men derivationally.
The interesting question is: does the stem forming element in weak verbs function derivationally.
Some languages, such as Fula mentioned in Section 5, do provide evidence for such a distinction, inasmuch as they represent the former categories derivationally and the latter inflectionally.
This is shown by the lack of the so-called restoration (samapatti) of the derivationally original r in the recitational varieties based on the padapatha.