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It presupposes the claim that the group may have moral characteristics that are neither identical with nor derivable from the moral characteristics of its members.
This model provides a smooth and derivable approximation that improves considerably the performance of the Canonical PWL model when it is applied to real microwave devices, mainly in the optimization process.
We have already begun to see a direct correlation between available bandwidth and derivable revenues, which is clearly validating our business model.
Among the leading industries of the Third Wave, he identified not only those we've heard so much about (computers, software, telecommunications, biotech), but some that haven't yet made many headline splashes: oceanics, or mining the oceans for food, minerals, and new forms of energy; and industry in space, capitalizing on the efficiencies derivable from little gravity, extreme temperatures, and a perfect vacuum.
His concern for the equitable sharing of the benefits derivable from the exploitation of mineral resources, including polymetallic nodules, found on and under the deep sea bed and ocean floor (referred to the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention as "the area") led to the provision in Article 136 of that agreement that "The Area and its resources are the common heritage of mankind.
According to Equation 4, the average cost (AC) and marginal cost (MC) are derivable as
But that level of consideration does not reflect the full insight derivable from this study.
Formally, this holds when it is derivable using the rules below.
The requirement entails that the result of adding a logical operator to a language should be a conservative extension of the original language: in the expanded system, one cannot derive a sentence that lacks the new term unless that sentence was derivable in the old system.
Interpreters of Aquinas's moral theory, while united in holding that Aquinas affirms that ethics is somehow grounded in human nature, have differed on whether Aquinas held ethical truths to be derivable from truths of the philosophy of nature.
These "anomalies" are seen to be a direct consequence of the fact that a country cannot completely equitize the future income derivable from its natural and human resources.
An object will then be in a normal form if and only if the user's interpretation is derivable from the model of the object.
However, we present a performance-competitive version of the derivable by the compiler.
In theory, a matching measure of real output should be derivable by summing labor and capital inputs on the "income side" of the national accounts.
2], is derivable from a more general theory T, which also entails another hypothesis H.