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Synonyms for derisively

in a disrespectful and mocking manner

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His enemies said, derisively, "He will be Lord Chancellor in a year or two
Never you mind,' retorted that gentleman, tapping his nose derisively.
But thou pulledst me out with a golden angle; derisively didst thou laugh when I called thee unfathomable.
Here the parrot, who had been standing on one leg since he screamed last, burst into a fit of laughter, bobbed himself derisively up and down on both legs, and finished by standing on one leg again, and pausing for a reply, with his head as much awry as he could possibly twist it.
So great was his emotion, that I felt sincerely sorry for him, while the two detectives smiled derisively, by no means displeased at this check which he had met.
I praise him for that, and for comforting all of us as a nation with the embrace of his sincere emotion--not "artful theater" as Coleman derisively labels it.
jobholder holds a hundred bucks-a-plate fund-raiser, which former GOP chair Fergus Cullen derisively said was pitched as "Let me use your money to pay my mom while I cash a taxpayer-funded paycheck.
Boone at Thursday's School Committee meeting, were derisively dismissed, as most of her remarks were by some teachers in attendance.
The tournament also features eight lower- ranked teams, derisively called minnows, but on the evidence of the warm- up matches, it will be foolhardy for the big guns to take them lightly.
Critics derisively call the key man system the "pick-a-pal" method, because judges select people they know to go find willing citizens to serve as grand jurors.
West Germany 1-0 Austria, 1982 IN 1982, West Germany and Austria played arguably the most controversial group game in World Cup history, known derisively as 'the non-aggression pact of Gijon' or 'Anschluss'.
Oregon coach Mark Helfrich said he didn't lose much sleep over the proposal, derisively dubbed the "Saban rule" by South Carolina's Steve Spurrier in an interview with USA Today.
He was derisively termed as an Establishment Liberal.
In December, it published an article that derisively asked Rohani if he "really is a cleric.
He delights in reminding anyone within earshot of the links Mr Miliband and Mr Balls - whom he derisively refers to as "those two" - have to Gordon Brown.