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Synonyms for deride

Synonyms for deride

to make fun or make fun of

Words related to deride

treat or speak of with contempt

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On Thursday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of deriding Islam and the Prophet and fined him Dh5,000.
3 e-mail to his supporters deriding Waxman as one the House of Representative's "most liberal members" and including information from Focus on the Family's "Sexual Health Analyst.
The union plans to expand its informational picket lines and radio commercials in Northern California, deriding affiliated stores in that region.
The ensuing flap found commentators across the political spectrum cast in familiar roles: liberals deriding conservatives as dumb, ignorant boors and conservatives deriding liberals as egg-headed, arrogant elitists.
Enron's executives sold the lot of us (including this magazine, which named Enron's board one of its five "Best" in 2000) on a "vision" of a "new corporate structure," deriding those who questioned it.
BRITISH people have lost confidence in their abilities and are happier deriding their country rather than celebrating its achievements, leisure boss Michael Grade said.
As a columnist for The Washington Post, he defended Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas against feminist critics, deriding Anita Hill's sexual-harassment charges.
Deriding the subway plan after the Metro Red Line's fiascoes, board member and county Supervisor Michael D.