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Synonyms for deride

Synonyms for deride

to make fun or make fun of

Words related to deride

treat or speak of with contempt

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Derider Hutton, chairman of the National Consumer Council, claimed that six million families are now reported to be caught in the debt trap and having trouble keeping up repayments.
Like Hamlet, Vivian is witty, skeptical, rationalistic; a proponent of reason; a derider of passion; an enforcer of distinctions.
Winger Gabriel Obertan, the man anointed to replace Newcastle's former favourite agitator, also feels doubters and deriders must be silenced after his August switch to St James' Park.
Deriders will label the regular lumping of diagonal balls in the direction of the target-man as dipping into the Tony Pulis' manual.
Pageant of Great Women also uses history to lend weight and dignity to the contemporary suffrage movement by transforming the "shrieking sisterhood" (as deriders referred to them) into a noble alliance of great women serving a just and honorable cause.