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make free from restrictions

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Currently and up to the end of September, beef and dairy producers, in consultation with local animal health officials, are able to obtain a partial derestriction of their holdings for animals which test negatively for TB.
Responding to Defra's consultation on its proposal to abolish partial derestriction earlier this year, the TFA said: "The TFA rejects this proposal.
There is no justification for a complete ban on partial derestriction.
A similar pilot scheme for derestriction in Liverpool, was axed last year after it caused traffic chaos.
Senior Wirral licensing officer Margaret Calvert said: ``With derestriction we have more taxis but we also need to look at having more ranks, otherwise you get situations like this where taxis won't come in and you have large groups of people waiting.
Look for the footpath sign close to the speed derestriction sign which should be ignored.
Foreign direct investment induced by market derestriction has been a catalyst for the diffusion of process and product innovations.
The increase is attributable partly to the derestriction of foreign direct investment (FDI) and partly to the fact that domestic demand for textiles and apparel in India is large and buoyant.
STEPHEN DIXON, Redcar * * * * * * IT is with great concern that I learned of the Government's proposed derestriction of Sure Start funding.
ON BEHALF of myself and fellow Hackney Cab drivers, we wouldlike to place on record,our profound appreciation of those members of parliament who supported our campaign against derestriction of the taxicab trade.