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So, as I said at the beginning, the fact that we're now seeing mornings in blue America solid job growth both at the national level and in states that have defied the right's tax-cutting, deregulatory orthodoxy is a big problem for conservatives.
In a new study released today entitled The Unpredictable FCC: Politicizing Communications Policy and its Threat to Broadband Investment, the Phoenix Center demonstrates how over the past several years the FCC either has reversed, or is threatening to reverse, the most significant bi-partisan deregulatory achievements of the past two decades.
regulatory and deregulatory policies in the twenty-first century.
Consider what is supposedly the largest deregulatory action: a proposed rule under Medicare and Medicaid that would reform hospital and critical access programs.
to lower their prices as a deregulatory measure to facilitate sales of nonprescription drug products took effect in early June.
Obama repeatedly tied his opponent to Bush's "failed deregulatory policies.
The latest deregulatory step is in line with the government's Asian Gateway initiative to promote international exchange in Asia, which was unveiled in May.
After a deregulatory measure that took effect in 2005, Kyushu Electric began delivering last November about 1,500 to 2,500 kilowatts of electricity to a Jusco supermarket in the city of Hiroshima, operated by mass retailer Aeon Co.
It is therefore crucial the Government pushes ahead with the deregulatory agenda.
He also promised to continue efforts to get the economy out of deflation and further vitalize it through such schemes as special deregulatory zones and a campaign to boost tourism.
But he has achieved one deregulatory reform that is bold, radical, and only superficially insane.
Mr Brake said: "The introduction of a levy on all ticket sales would offer passengers financial protection on all flights, as well as having a positive deregulatory impact.
The Japanese Government appears committed to continuous deregulatory and liberalization reforms of the healthcare industry (as stated in "The 3-year Program in Promoting Regulatory Reform in December 2002"), with the hope of creating a trickle-down effect, both direct and indirect, that will have a favorable impact on the overall economy and improve the quality of life.
media system, a federal court in June overturned the FCC's deregulatory move.
In fact, dm act may also enable businesses to file lawsuits against agencies that reject data quality complaints, a potentially powerful new device in the deregulatory arsenal that could let motivated groups head sensible regulatory changes off at the pass.