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Sensible policy | To his credit, Sunstein also shows himself to have been, at times, a deregulator.
What we need is an appointed deregulator, proper guidelines and a way to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided.
A conservative and a committed deregulator, Sikes was an aggressive enforcer of FCC regulations.
Another view argues that the chairman isn't the deregulator he's reputed to be--that in fact, he's made the government more intrusive.
hardly a raving deregulator, upbraided Kessler for his agency's recalcitrance.
Candidate McCain stated in a debate with Obama in the autumn of 2008 that the federal government must now spend money only on the armed forces, the veterans, and some other thing that do not address the reasons for, and the consequences of, the havoc deregulators have caused.
Deregulators looking at this relationship through a lens of pure economic theory miss the .
Enthusiasts, deregulators, guardians and skeptics: Contrasting policy views of the National Information Infrastructure.
Such reregulation can only be built in a sturdy way based upon state power over finance in national settings, but the two leading national capitals for world banking--Washington and London--were run by Democratic Party and New Labour Party deregulators during the periods of greatest financial industry vulnerability.
Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it: lessons learned from past financial crisis that were ignored by the deregulators of the past 15 years" by Robert W.
But now we find ourselves at a moment when nearly all the promises of the airline deregulators have clearly proved false.
While early Liberal Party privatisers, Wettenhall suggests, were also deregulators, tying the two concepts together has long made little sense; most strikingly, it leaves no room for the contemporary concept of the 'regularity state'.
A Conservative government built on a loose coalition of eurosceptics, enthusiastic deregulators and advocates of privatisation will not take the UK into a new period of sustained recovery.
The financial oligarchy's idea of "regulation" is to make sure that deregulators are installed in the key positions and given only a minimal skeleton staff and little funding.
Second, as to more widespread air travel, Hudson appears to be against it: "The currently crowded skies, in terms of both numbers of flights and people traveling, that deregulators routinely cite as a sign of its success also imposes [sic] costs on harried travelers and on the economy as a whole" (p.