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There is an argument in regulatory economics that the major "price and entry" rules, which once dictated which private competitors were allowed into a market and under what conditions, offered a sort of low-hanging fruit for deregulators to pluck during the uniquely desperate policy conditions of the late 70s.
The recall of Mandelson - the man who was forced to leave the cabinet twice - the arch deregulator, the uber-Blairite, the bosom buddy of the wealthy, is a clear signal that Brown will resist to the death any meaningful attempt to curb the freedom of the financial world to rack up super profits and bonuses.
John McCain, attacking the Republican presidential candidate for his views on the economy, branding the Arizona senator as a deregulator who encouraged the current Wall Street crisis; on foreign policy by tying McCain to the war in Iraq; and on health care, where Biden labeled McCain's health care plan, which involves tax credits but will also tax employer's benefits, "the ultimate Bridge to Nowhere.
Gramm's record as a reckless deregulator has not affected his rating as a Republican economic expert.
A fervent deregulator and reformer with a reputation for new ideas and getting things done, he comes from one of the leading Jeddah merchant families, has served as chairman of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been a cabinet minister without portfolio, an adviser to the Supreme Economic Council, helped negotiate Saudi Arabia's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and for the past five years acted as a roving trade ambassador.
It was an early and aggressive deregulator in telecommunications, for example, but environmental goals hampered reform of the electricity industry.
Powell spent much of the first half of 2003 painting himself as the reluctant deregulator.
But basing public policy on a broad deregulator idea ignores the important difference between the education of our children and other public pursuits.
I've gone from a total deregulator to a person who is very concerned," said U.
What we need is an appointed deregulator, proper guidelines and a way to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided.
A Reagan-era FTC Commissioner is said to have lamented, "What does a deregulator put on his resume--all the cases he didn't bring?
He is not an ideological free marketeer or deregulator.
A conservative and a committed deregulator, Sikes was an aggressive enforcer of FCC regulations.
In fact, it was the incumbent whom Reagan so resoundingly defeated, Jimmy Carter, who was actually the most effective deregulator, before or since.
I signed on to the enterprise with the stipulation to Darman (also communicated to Gray) that I believed in and would enforce a tough-minded, intellectually rigorous, and analytically fair review of agency rulemaking, but that I would not be a mindless deregulator or a shill for industry.