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the act of freeing from regulation (especially from governmental regulations)

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Few in Washington like the idea of completely deregulating electricity.
Under the direction of the NCC, Nigeria is actively deregulating its telecommunications industry, awarding licenses to entrepreneurial companies to deliver a wide range of telephony services.
Part of Viridian Group, Energia is Ireland's leading independent energy supplier pioneering initiatives in the deregulating energy marketplace.
Our joint VoIP carrier solution is especially adapted for deregulating markets where emerging carriers need to react rapidly to changing market conditions," explains Ishai Rosmarin, Managing Director of VocalTec Communications Deutschland GmBH.
By focusing on offering voice-centric applications to deregulating and emerging markets, VocalTec has positioned itself for short-term growth and long term viability," stated Jon Arnold, VoP Equipment Program Leader at Frost & Sullivan.
During 2002, carriers in deregulating and emerging markets, such as Data Access in India and Cotas-Teledata in Bolivia helped increase the total volume of minutes of revenue-generating international VoIP traffic supported by VocalTec equipment to 25 percent.
Those direct benefits to Texas businesses are exactly what the Texas legislature and regulators had in mind as they crafted the model for deregulating Texas' energy industry.
India is one of several countries deregulating its telecommunications laws in 2002.
net for all major US carriers and RBOCs, many major international carriers such as China Telecom, Optus, PLDT, Telkom South Africa, Telia, Telenor, and Vietel, emerging carriers in deregulating markets, and a growing number of mobile carriers.
Customers include all major carriers and most RBOCs in the US, many major traditional carriers worldwide, new competitive carriers in deregulating countries including local exchange operators (LECs) who outsource their new domestic and international long distance services to ITXC and Internet-based Web-to-phone providers.