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lift the regulations on

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The most potent way to deregulate a drug is to change its status from prescription to over-the-counter--an action that can be taken only at the federal level, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Senate Bill 581 (S-4) will deregulate long-term contract truck hauling, but still allowing regulation of so-called "common carriage" was approve by the Senate today.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- "The New Jersey legislature should not grant the Board of Regulatory Control authority to deregulate New Jersey Bell and AT&T without clear and rigorous guidelines to ensure against monopoly abuse," Donna Sorgi, MCI's director of regulatory and government affairs, said today in commenting on draft legislation before the Senate Committee on Transportation and Public Utilities.
Emil and Lenore Leepson brought their luxury decontrol challenge after the DCHR granted their landlord's application to deregulate the rent on their residence at East 56th Street due to their refusal to provide income information.
Among other issues, the Legislature must also decide whether or not to extend laws that deregulate banks and provide insurance coverage to doctors for medical malpractice.