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cause to be no longer approved or accepted

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The Israeli Sources reported that the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called on the international community to derecognize the Palestinian Unity Government in his opening speech for the weekly meeting with the Minister Council, which includes ministers from Hamas, the terrorist party.
Thus, the entity should derecognize the carrying value of its debt (which would again include elements not given in this example, such as a discount or premium on debt and any related debt-issuance costs), with the offsetting credit to equity as described in AICPA Practice Alert 00-1, Accounting for Certain Equity Transactions.
The propensity to derecognize unions may not serve any purpose at all.
GAAP would (1) allow a reporting entity to derecognize financial assets transferred to another entity and (2) require the transferor to consolidate the financial statements of the transferee with its own financial statements.
If the transferor remains the obligor for subordinated debt used as enhancement, then it cannot derecognize the fair value of the risk still assessed on this debt.
Recognizing the tax law's complexity and perceived inconsistency regarding when to recognize, derecognize and measure tax attributes, FASB issued FIN 48 to promote greater consistency of and comparability in reporting income tax assets and liabilities.
With the adoption of IFRS, the company will derecognize its intangible assets and liabilities that relate to assets or obligations otherwise considered in the determination of fair value of investment properties at January 1, 2009.
We received guidance from the SEC on the accounting treatment for certain home equity loans that are used as collateral in secured borrowings and which we intended to derecognize through a sale of assets such as the one completed yesterday described above.
A clear and simple principle for derecognition -- if the transferor has any significant continuing involvement, do not derecognize.
In order to derecognize, it must be more likely than not.
Specifically, today's proposed Statement seeks to (a) clearly specify the circumstances that require the use of a qualifying special-purpose entity (SPE) in order to derecognize all or a portion of financial assets, (b) provide additional guidance on permitted activities of qualifying SPEs, (c) eliminate the prohibition on a qualifying SPE's ability to hold passive derivative financial instruments that pertain to beneficial interests held by a transferor, and (d) revise the initial measurement of interests related to transferred financial assets held by a transferor.
Under the derecognition approach, if the lessor does not retain exposure to the risks and benefits associated with the leased asset, it derecognizes that part of the asset and retains only its residual interest.