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cause to be no longer approved or accepted

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With respect to derecognition of liabilities, the debtor must be legally released from primary responsibility for the liability (or part thereof) either judicially or by the creditor.
Some in the 1970s expected derecognition would quickly force Taiwan to settle and become a "Special Administrative Region" of China under Deng Xiaoping's slogan of "One country, two systems.
A survey of unions suggested that a step increase in derecognition occurred during 1987 (Claydon, 1996).
1 (2) and derecognition of land, mineral rights, tangible
The International Accounting Standards Board has been reviewing the accounting issues that have emerged from the financial crisis and we're closely monitoring all of this work, which includes projects on: improving the standard on financial instruments that is to replace IAS39, consolidation, the derecognition of financial assets and liabilities, and the provision of guidance on measuring fair value.
Other priority projects scheduled for June include insurance contracts, leases, consolidations and derecognition.
Derecognition, if the MLTN standard no longer is met;
Drivers from the Scottish depot began a three-day strike on Thursday over terms and conditions to be introduced when they move to a new site this summer, as well as the derecognition of the T&G there.
Along with prescribing recognition and measurement criteria for uncertain tax positions, it also provides guidance on derecognition, classification, interest and penalties, accounting in interim periods, disclosure and transition.
A valuation allowance should not be used as a substitute for derecognition of the benefit of a tax position.
Derecognition appears to have become a thing of the past with no reported cases of workers losing access to a recognised union.
If management reporte that at least one union was derecognised in any plant within the firm between 1985 and 1990, a derecognition dummy is set to unity.
Many banks and retailers are already using our automated solutions for unclaimed property, breakage management, derecognition accounting and compliance metrics.
In a letter to the Chief Justice of India, the AAP said it was prepared for derecognition if the probe comes out with anything incriminating and their leaders were ready to face punishment.
12,739 (1) During the 2013 year, pre tax impairments, derecognition of