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cause to be no longer approved or accepted

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The question of derecognising union is not being considered because almost all union members participated in mob attack and they all would be convicted.
Sibal said stringent measures against ragging could include rustication of student, withholding of scholarship, derecognising the institution, debarring student from appearing in any test and stopping of grant to the institution.
6 million of these are not covered by collective bargaining because, in many cases, the employer abandoned collective bargaining without formally derecognising the union.
While the Right to Education Act already contains a provision for derecognising a school that violates a child's right to education, this can end up harming the prospects of all students who study in it.
A CBI's chargesheet against an Orissa- based medical college run by University Grants Commission member Achyutananda Samanta has resulted in the Medical Council of India ( MCI) derecognising its MBBS course for two years.