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lower the rated electrical capability of electrical apparatus

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However, due to lower plant availability at the acquired Sundance PPA units, other plant derates and lower Alberta wind generation, overall electricity generation production was below expectations.
The findings did suggest that the then current 4% derating guide was over compensating and that a smaller derate of about 2% could safely be used.
This fundamental result is hereafter referred to as the natural derate.
Recall from the section of this paper that focused on the operation of venturi-style burners that a natural derate of [approximately equal to]1.
The 6A product derates to 3A at 105xC and natural convection--no airflow--at 12V in and 1.
The results indicate that six factors are almost universally recognized to be of very high importance: aging plants and equipment, manning levels, unplanned outages, maintenance intervals, derates, and personnel skill levels.
Through real-time insights into asset health and early warning of abnormal equipment performance, owners and operators of fleets of assets are able to reduce forced outages and derates, reduce maintenance costs and improve worker productivity.
The ability to provide early warning of incipient faults enables operators to respond quickly to fluctuating demand and decrease derates and forced outages.