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lower the rated electrical capability of electrical apparatus

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With 12% Over Firing on natural gas from these naturally derated inputs, the test points would be at 43,000 Btu/h (12.
The AE 3007A is derated to 7442 lbs thrust for the EMB-145 providing high reliability and maintainability through an on-condition maintenance program.
This is a well known failure mechanism in space and airborne power conversion systems where high voltage power MOSFETs have been voltage derated up to 50% (maximum operating voltage equal to 50% of device breakdown voltage rating) or more to minimize this effect.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of One No Front End Loader with derated bucket of around 3.
The GE90-90B is a derated version of the GE90-92B, which was certified at 92,000 pounds of thrust earlier this year and is the highest thrust engine ever certified by the U.
ARC aircraft will use LPE's 196 cubic inch 4 cylinder engine derated to 115 hp from the 225 hp capability of some design variants.
Providing an 85 AC extension in operating temperature range over conventional chip resistors, the PATT features high-temperature operation to +155 AC with 100 % power dissipation, derated linearly to 0 mW at +250 AC.
The engine is currently in service on four British Airways and two China Southern 777-200 aircraft derated to 76,000 pounds thrust.
The engine, which will be derated to 90,000 pounds, will also be the first to enter service on the 777 IGW when it is delivered to British Airways in early 1997.
GE is developing the GE90-100B for the Boeing 777, with the engine derated in service to 98,000 pounds thrust.
Development of the 92,000 pound thrust GE90-92B, to be derated to 90,000 pounds thrust for Saudia, is on schedule for engine certification in 1996.