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  • verb

Synonyms for derange

to disturb the health or physiological functioning of

to make insane

Synonyms for derange

derange mentally, throw out of mental balance


Related Words

throw into great confusion or disorder

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Deranging English/education; teacher inquiry, literary studies, and hybrid visions of English for 21st century schools.
Flattening and deranging a plot that most of us find utterly predictable, even reassuring (chaos erupts and people in uniforms show up to restore order), Refraction exposes something more disturbing than chaos running through the warp and woof of the social fabric--that is, order itself, ossified, emptied of meaning, and transformed into a series of ritual gestures.
Where previously he proffered totemic, gleefully gaudy Bruce Conner--esque assemblages or combined the bodies of various televisual and cinematic stars to make small, meticulous figurative fetish sculptures (quietly deranging the Greek ideal of a body by constructing seemingly seamless wholes made up of disparate parts (a Mia Farrow--ish torso, say, topped with Yoda's noggin), with his new pieces something only apparently simpler but in the end more disturbing goes on.
1 Gary Boas, Starstruck: Photographs from a Fan (Dilettante Press, Los Angeles; Deitch Projects, New York) The intensity of the star moment captured by one of the great fans (a disappearing type) in all its discombobulating glory: the flash blurring vision, deranging time and being (who am I?
Boas's pictures succeed by wronging, even deranging, what the less obsessive viewer might mistake them for--Herb Ritts muscle shots; Mario Testino's "test" photos; stills from the industry-standard gay pornos of Falcon or Chi Chi LaRue, etc.