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  • verb

Synonyms for derange

to disturb the health or physiological functioning of

to make insane

Synonyms for derange

derange mentally, throw out of mental balance


Related Words

throw into great confusion or disorder

References in classic literature ?
The screams reached this young lady's ears in due course, and brought her into the room with a speed which threatened to derange, materially, the very exquisite arrangement of her cap and ringlets.
Dans la Basse Casbah, les habitants de la rue Ahmed-Allam sont deranges par les bruits degages par la salle des fetes mitoyenne au Theatre regional d'Alger.
Cheminee deranges any simple art-historical narrative: It refers to an Atget interieur parisien just as readily as to the Atgets of Lawler's sometime collaborator Sherrie Levine.