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Synonyms for derail

Synonyms for derail

cause to run off the tracks

run off or leave the rails


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com/how-safe-amtrak-train-carrying-267-passengers-derails-near-chambers-bay-washington-2560660) Train Carrying 267 Passengers Derails Near Chambers Bay In Washington
In a tweet, he said, 'PTI won't allow PML-N to derail democracy for one person institutions cannot be allowed to be frustrated, MR PM give money trail or resign.
The train theoretically would derail if its speed exceeded 130 kph but it was designed to have a top speed of 120 kph, according to JR West.
Whenever there is a serious effort made by India and Pakistan to resolve issues, incidents like this have been taking place with the aim to derail the dialogue process, he added.
Talking to the media persons outside the Bilawal House, she said that the motive behind raising the fake degrees issue is to derail the democratic setup.
Trains are difficult to derail by accident, but simple to derail on purpose.
Mr Cope said: 'I was just driving along a road in my farm when I saw the back carriages derail from the front end of the train and pull all the electric lines down before two of the middle carriages crashed into my field.
One witness, British student Marvin Khareem Wone, described seeing the train derail from aboard a train on another platform.