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Synonyms for derail

Synonyms for derail

cause to run off the tracks

run off or leave the rails


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Operating the trains in that direction, with a much lighter car, and without a cow catcher, makes it much easier to derail,'' maintains R.
Mr Cope said: 'I was just driving along a road in my farm when I saw the back carriages derail from the front end of the train and pull all the electric lines down before two of the middle carriages crashed into my field.
THE Queen narrowly escaped disaster in 1970 when a large wooden log was placed on a railway track in an apparent attempt to derail her train as she travelled across Australia, a retired detective said yesterday.
Trains are difficult to derail by accident, but simple to derail on purpose.
LOTTERY bidder Sir Richard Branson has accused Camelot of trying to derail the process to decide who gets the next licence.
The council tried to derail plans for alcohol sales after a few residents expressed concern that it would encourage loitering and under-age drinking and increase traffic.
With regards to Perzigian's arrest Wednesday, Sigel suggested that ``efforts are being made to derail this trial.