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move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment


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pull up by or as if by the roots

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In other words, the black arrives at the torture chamber as a victim of metaphysical violence, a state too deracinated to be credited even to prior and coherent violent events.
This second liberal revolution proceeded to restructure individual self-expression and desires around the deracinated economic rights and market freedoms of rational self-interest.
Y Agnon's A Simple Story which the movie invokes more than once), like Dolly in the deracinated Hello Dolly, and like Pinye Sahzman in "The Magic Barrel," the matchmaker knows what the client needs, which never coincides with what the client wants.
This narrative is a familiar one for many young Palestinians who have lived abroad and then returned to their home to find it deracinated by the occupation.
Although we have reached a stage where the jock potheads of my boyhood have their avaricious little hands on the levers of power, the bong throng--including three consecutive deracinated ex-coke-sniffers in the White House--lack the guts even to take the gateway step of saying that to imprison men and women for buying and selling marijuana is an affront to personal liberty.
They do so by maintaining the occupation and colonization of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem; by protecting the apartheid regime within pre-1967 Israel that denies fundamental rights to Palestinian citizens of the state (beginning with refusing to acknowledge that they are in fact Palestinians, not just deracinated "Israeli Arabs" with no genuine national identity); and by continuing to use armed force to block the right of return of those Palestinians who were expelled from their homes over 60 years ago.
For me, it is all about the origins of architectural representation and my own fascination with these particular stones and their deracinated state.
In his study, Embodied: Victorian Literature and the Senses (2009), William Cohen describes the benefit of this hybridization in that it avoids "the arid contextlessness of some phenomenological philosophy" and "the deracinated individualism of some psychoanalysis," moving critical work forward by embracing what seems most useful in these disparate theoretical fields (24).
Against this deracinated night the code in our genetic makeup rebels.
Balint states that the magazine "registered Jews' negotiations with America and the expectations and conundrums thereof" and marked the transition of a group of alienated (male) immigrant children from deracinated outsiders to rooted insiders who, after World War II, "thrust themselves from the margins to the innermost hubs of American politics and letters" (xi, 203).
How did a young man from a well-to-do family become so tragically and totally deracinated from a childhood that was affluent and not noticeably devout?
A few of these native Orientalists are deracinated souls, who put down their own people for failing, as they see it, to keep up with the forward march of history.
people (though that might apply to the deracinated version peddled the
The reality that some deracinated Jews fall into this category is sad enough; the term should not be bandied about promiscuously or turned into a political weapon.
Yes, the still recognizable Hulot, with his high-wire gait and bird-like movements, remains the perpetual outsider, facilitating the classic comic formula of the bumbling innocent set loose against a stuffy, functionary backdrop, but his newfound servility serves as a telling comment on the diminished role of the artist in an increasingly deracinated society, devalued by the silently unstoppable energies of industrialization, commerce and crass commercialism (as does a choice running gag on the awarding of free busts of famous artists by a gas station.