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someone authorized to exercise the powers of sheriff in emergencies

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This article will address the Florida Supreme Court's holding in Service Employees International and discuss its potential ramifications for thousands of appointees and employees of constitutional officers in Florida, including deputy sheriffs.
Weeks later, Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis swore her in as a reserve deputy sheriff, at the Millbury Republican Committee holiday party with her parents - Frank and Susan Irr - state Rep.
Deputy Sheriff Price asked me again if I called that white girl for a date and I denied it.
New challengers include Guy Mato, a 49-year-old Gardena real-estate broker, Jozef Essavi, 32, of Winnetka, a former Los Angeles Valley College student, Hanna Hajjar, 55, a Tarzana engineer, Mike Rives, a 58-year-old cancer center coordinator from Los Angeles, Roy Burns, 60, of Reseda, a retired deputy sheriff, and Hector Gurule, a 32-year-old computer consultant from Alhambra.
Logan's adventures include encounters with a number of eccentric bayou characters, including the superstitious Miz DeeDee, the educated thief Professor Burl, and Lester Benoit, the braggart deputy sheriff.
5 million - a deputy sheriff, other than to say it was before Mathur got in trouble.
When Miss Julia's boarder, Deputy Sheriff Coleman Bates, and Miss Julia's attorney, Binkie Enlow, announce that they are going to the courthouse to get married in a week, Miss Julia, aghast, convinces them that they must have a real wedding and assures them that she can make it happen.
Case #1: A 25-year-old deputy sheriff investigated a homicide that occurred in an AIDS ward at a correctional facility.
Sottile, Florida Highway Patrol Deputy Sheriff Harold Michael "Mike" Altman, Jackson County Sheriff's Office Lt.
A sign for the Deputy Sheriff Steven Sorensen Memorial Highway was unveiled Wednesday in a Lancaster sheriff's station ceremony that included Sorensen's widow.
The court held that a deputy sheriff did not violate the inmate's due process right to protection from violence, absent any evidence that the deputy knew the inmate's particular gang affiliation or that the deputy could have learned the inmate's gang affiliation from information on the inmate's housing records.
There is a likable roughness to his voice that captures the deputy sheriff aspect of his personality, while the underlying mellow quality portrays the single father and eligible, but scared, man to a T.
Previously, he was chairman of the State of Arizona Southern Regional Emergency Medical System; a professor of surgery, public health, and family and community medicine at the University of Arizona; and surgeon and deputy sheriff of the Pima County, Arizona, Sheriff's Department.
The backpack was found Thursday near Highline Lake at about 5,000 feet, Idaho County Chief Deputy Sheriff John J.
A former deputy sheriff sued a sheriff, alleging that his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights were violated when he was fired for carrying on an intimate relationship with, and cohabitating with a married woman.
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