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Synonyms for depute

Synonyms for depute

transfer power to someone

appoint as a substitute

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Now I understand you, you know, and being deputed by Sir Leicester Dedlock, Baronet, to look into this little matter," again Sir Leicester mechanically bows in confirmation of the statement, "can give it my fair and full attention.
For the letting of this portion of the house from week to week, on reasonable terms, the parlour lodger was empowered to treat; he being deputed by the landlord to dispose of the rooms as they became vacant, and to keep a sharp look-out that the lodgers didn't run away.
The committee who had been deputed to verify the accounts reported to the meeting that all was in order.
He had deputed me to screw in the ends of the clubs, and to replace the latter in the fender where we had found them.
The reader will readily anticipate that the savage had succeeded in gaining a dangerous proximity to one of those slothful sons of Ishmael, who were deputed to watch over the isolated encampment of the travellers.
No answer coming to these epistles, or to another written to the stubborn girl by the hand of her late young mistress, which might have melted her if anything could (all three letters were returned weeks afterwards as having been refused at the house- door), he deputed Mrs Meagles to make the experiment of a personal interview.
Talking to the media here on Tuesday, District Returning Officer Capt (R) Atta Mohammad Khan said that special police force from Lahore had been acquired besides Pakistan Army/Rangers were being deputed to ensure peaceful elections.
MULTAN -- As many as 2,681 police officials will be deputed to protect 13 mourning processions and 39 Majalis on 7th of Muharram in the city.
In a hand out issued by Sindh Information Department here on Thursday, the SSP Mirpurkhas informed that Eid prayers would be offered at over 91 places in the district and one thousand police constables, 6 Sub-Divisional Police Officers, 43 Inspectors and 37 Assistant sub inspectors were deputed to perform duties under Eid security plan while mobile teams were also deputed at main thoroughfares, shopping centers and markets.
Postal services have been badly hit all over the state as billions of letters are left undelivered as even postmen have been deputed for election duty.
The government has deputed three of its ministers, union food minister K.
One of the terrorists entered the ICU corridor where two police officers were deputed, while two other police officers were deputed in the ICU where Muaaz was occupying the 8th bed among the patients.
6 (ANI): Twelve officers of the Pakistan Army have deputed at former president Pervez Musharraf's luxurious residence on Edgware Road, London, for his security and for providing him daily services.
Islamabad -- Letters likely to be dispatched to departments It is likely to dispatch for the verification of educational degrees and certificates of 40 non-gazetted and 20officials deputed in Capital Development Authority (CDA).
FAISALABAD -- As many as 1500 police officials have been deputed to perform security duty during celebration of Independence Day in the district.