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Synonyms for depth

Synonyms for depth

the extent or measurement downward from a surface


something of immeasurable and vast extent

exceptionally great concentration, power, or force, especially in activity

intellectual penetration or range

Synonyms for depth

the extent downward or backward or inward

degree of psychological or intellectual profundity

(usually plural) the deepest and most remote part

(usually plural) a low moral state

the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas

the attribute or quality of being deep, strong, or intense

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To examine the effects of moon phase on bass, researchers studied daily activity and depth use of largemouth bass in relation to moon cycles in a 21-acre lake in Ontario, Canada* They angled 22 bass from the lake, which has a shallow basin with a maximum depth of 6 feet and a deeper basin with a maximum depth of 21 feet.
The domain information specifies how to divide the entire range of depths into the domains (i.
4 : intensity 2 <a depth of color> <No one can imagine the .
Unlike the historic wrist depth gauges used by the Italian Navy, which were usable to a depth of 30 metres, the innovative Luminor 1950 Submersible Depth Gauge measures depths to 120 metres, and it also memorises the greatest depth encountered in the course of the dive.
Thus, relatively large indentation forces and depths are normally applied to a reference material that either has a high modulus or exhibits significant plastic deformation, i.
This region holds the richest copper and nickel deposits known in the USSR, and the Soviets wanted to see if additional deposits lay hidden at lower depths, says Vadim I.
Some of these veins were productive to depths of up to 2,250 feet.
Under cratons, however, such zones either did not exist or lay much deeper; the mantle directly under cratons was colder and had a high seismic velocity to depths greater than 200 km.
RPA has reviewed the Verena study and concurs that there is potential for high grade shoots that may extend to depths of at least 200 metres or 300 metres below the surface, based on analogy with other Precambrian shear zone hosted gold deposits in Brazil.
When the researchers plotted the average values of chemical content versus the average depths of ridges in an area, their data fell along a remarkably clear line.
Zurowski, Executive Vice President and COO, stated that, "The increased thickness and persistence of the high grade mineralization to such substantial depths at Deposit No.
Scarfe, has shown that komatiite can be created at much higher pressures--and hence depths in the earth --than was commonly believed.
Kluane) drill and personnel with respect to daily footage, core recovery, hole depths, move time and minimal surface disturbance.
And these depths, Bollinger has recently found, appear to be distributed in an unusual pattern.
EGD007 and EGD010, currently at down-hole depths of 1009 metres and 1073 metres respectively, are drilling in volcanic and volcaniclastic rock units that typically overlie the Hugo Deposit.