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to the "whole new field of depth psychology and psychoanalysis" (Rollins, 1999, 65).
Parkes's extended examinations of Nietzsche's depth psychology not only contribute to a richer and more sharply defined understanding of traditional Nietzschean problematics, but also illuminate the subtle effect of such psychological predecessors as Plato, Montaigne, and Emerson upon his thought.
Healing wisdom: Depth psychology and the pastoral ministry.
Anxiety; using depth psychology to find a balance in your life.
I began to study the religions of the world, to delve deeper into Christian theology, and to explore depth psychology.
The book draws its issues and methods from biblical studies and Jungian depth psychology.
course work in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute; he holds a M.
Her book brings many of the insights of depth psychology to the practitioner who otherwise may be limited to behavioral strategies which in the end are always undermined by the human psyche.
Victor Schermer tackled a gargantuan task when he planned this book: to pull together depth psychology (especially object relations approaches), spirituality in both Eastern and Western forms, and the well-known Twelve Steps substance abuse program.
s study of depth psychology enable him to make important additions to that analysis by filling out its psychic dimensions and to add psychic conversion to the conversions already identified by Lonergan, i.