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a gauge for measuring the depth of grooves or holes or other concavities


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The X Fathoms revisits the characteristics of its iconic 1953 ancestor and combines them with a mechanical depth gauge to create a high-performance mechanical diving watch.
To validate fecundity estimates obtained using the depth gauge technique, all eggs were removed from the 10 sampled females and fecundity was measured using the commonly practiced traditional sampling technique (e.
Pick up a tyre tread depth gauge too; the legal limit is 1.
To help you judge tread depth, most tyres have a band of raised rubber running across the tyre called the depth gauge.
Revealing his determination and drive, Martin said: "I was always checking the depth gauge and my gas, making sure the lines were secure.
Aquatimer Deep Two: The diver's watch with a mechanical depth gauge makes a return after ten years in the form of the Aquatimer Deep Two, pressure-resistant to 12 bar.
Use the broad-based depth gauge, NSN 5210-00-221-1902, to measure the height of the grousers.
Then it did something quite odd for a Scaup - it steamed over to a depth gauge pole at the side of the pool and began rubbing itself against it like a cat at a scratching post.
On a more practical level, there's the Volvo's Winter Check-It Kit, comprising a litre of oil, dipstick wipes, disposable gloves, oil funnels, scented hand wipes and a tyre depth gauge costing from pounds 8.
It retails for around pounds 10, depending on which type of lubricant is needed, and includes a litre of oil, disposable gloves, scented wipes, oil funnels, and a tyre depth gauge.
Kim looked at his depth gauge and saw he was descending quickly.
Mitchell's result was based on depth gauge measurements and was presumably not an artefact of sampling between the cracks.
These measurements, some accurately made by depth gauge, others subjectively made by noting the word Deep, Medium or Shallow, for every carved line, were originally devised to help indicate the structure of sites and perhaps thus cultural importance.
Hoodoo was reporting 17 inches on its depth gauge Wednesday.