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a gauge for measuring the depth of grooves or holes or other concavities


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I set it with the plastic depth gauge that came in the box with the fixture.
Immediately after capture, fecundity estimates were completed using the noninvasive depth gauge technique.
30-year-old Gurcharn Sahota uses a microscope and an ultrasonic depth gauge to inspect the car's paintwork, as well as a Brazilian carnauba wax that costs Au8,000.
Pick up a tyre tread depth gauge too; the legal limit is 1.
To help you judge tread depth, most tyres have a band of raised rubber running across the tyre called the depth gauge.
Revealing his determination and drive, Martin said: "I was always checking the depth gauge and my gas, making sure the lines were secure.
I usually place a piece of masking tape on the drill bit to use as a depth gauge to ensure that I don't drill the holes deeper than needed.
Aquatimer Deep Two: The diver's watch with a mechanical depth gauge makes a return after ten years in the form of the Aquatimer Deep Two, pressure-resistant to 12 bar.
Use the broad-based depth gauge, NSN 5210-00-221-1902, to measure the height of the grousers.
Then it did something quite odd for a Scaup - it steamed over to a depth gauge pole at the side of the pool and began rubbing itself against it like a cat at a scratching post.
On a more practical level, there's the Volvo's Winter Check-It Kit, comprising a litre of oil, dipstick wipes, disposable gloves, oil funnels, scented hand wipes and a tyre depth gauge costing from pounds 8.
You can purchase a tire's depth gauge at most auto parts stores.
Like the Prowler saw, the X-5000 Paver has an Eaton hydrostatic drive and many of the features of the X-750 Prowler, such as low-noise, low dust blade block enclosure, built-in lift system and mechanical depth gauge.
It retails for around pounds 10, depending on which type of lubricant is needed, and includes a litre of oil, disposable gloves, scented wipes, oil funnels, and a tyre depth gauge.
Kim looked at his depth gauge and saw he was descending quickly.