depth charge

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a bomb that explodes at a preset depth under water


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He said: "I dropped a depth charge but the thing went off on the surface and it blew the tail-end off my plane.
The Mark IV depth charge thrower carries a Mark VII depth charge cut away to reveal its workings.
This small plastic charge was supposed to go behind it and then simulate a depth charge.
Records show two of the three U-boats were thought to have been sunk by depth charge in the Bristol Channel.
By playing this retro submarine depth charge game, players can gain extra lives before jumping into the Nakatomi battle.
Despite being holed by the depth charge, five sailors trapped on the U-534 reacted as they were trained, heading to the forward torpedo hatch attempting to swim up 67m to the surface.
Tens of thousands of people in the West Indies are balanced on a knife- edge between prosperity and dire poverty, yet the chattering classes of Britain all know that the banana is a comedic depth charge, and it would be well-nigh impossible to talk about "banana wars" without laughing.
They found a submarine and launched an attack, dropping the depth charge right on top of it.
You'll jump with the crew as each depth charge goes off and wince as the hull creaks under the pressure.
A DEPTH charge is released or projected, then plunges into the sea.
Kids will love the Wicked Witch or diving 40 feet down the Depth Charge - Britain's first four-lane water slide.
Thorpe Park has invested pounds 1 million over the winter on new rides to go alongside favourites such as Loggers Leap and Depth Charge.
And while you're wet, head straight for the Depth Charge, the centrepiece of Fantasy Reef.
Don't bother to dry off - head straight for the Depth Charge, the centre piece of Fantasy Reef, where you board a rubber boat and hurtle down a 40ft water slide into the water splash below.
Lt Pat O Mathuna and Stoker William Mynes suffered severe burns fighting the fire on the LE Cliona in 1962 after a depth charge exploded prematurely during an exercise.