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Synonyms for deprived



Synonyms for deprived

economically and socially below standard

Synonyms for deprived

marked by deprivation especially of the necessities of life or healthful environmental influences

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THOUSANDS of cases of ill-health among under-fives in deprived areas could be prevented by understanding how to use services to add-ress the impact of poverty.
The FEAD will provide food packages for 300,000 people in Lithuania, thus continuing the help received through the previous EU Food Distribution programme for the Most Deprived People since 2006.
At Key Stage 2, the trend is less strong - around 80% of the most deprived areas have seen a decrease in points score.
2 million male students and 3 million female students are deprived of basic primary education.
Employees of Laar Museum and Molvi Haji Ahmed Mallah Library Badin including Kareem Bux, Allah Jurio Shaikh, Mohammad Ali Mallah, Irshad and others while protesting demanded for release of their salaries lamented that Provincial Minister for Culture and Tourism Sindh was announced to adopt Laar Museum and Haji Ahmed Mallah Library but it was not put into action yet although they were deprived of their salaries from last seventeenth of months consequently their families were compelled of starvation.
It notes that major inequalities between deprived and well-off pupils remain.
In Wahndo dacoits took away Rs50 thousands, two cell phones and gold ornaments from Faqeer Muhammad, in Nowshera virkan robbers looted Rs45,000, two cell phones from Zaheer, in Tatliwali dacoits took away Rs83,000, gold ornaments and cellphone from Salman, at Ahmed Nagar Umair was deprived of Rs.
In 2005-06, school-age children in the most deprived areas had double the emergency admission rate for asthma compared with their least-deprived counterparts.
It's time to get serious about closing the inequality gap that exists within society and tackling the scourge of highly addictive gambling machines among the most deprived communities is a good place to start.
No one shall be deprived of his or her liberty [unless] in accordance with a procedure prescribed in law'.
I STILL can't believe the TV show that said Lansbury Park is the most deprived estate in Wales.
ONE in six people with cancer in Wales are living in its most deprived areas, according to new research by Macmillan Cancer Support and the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN).
The affluent are also more likely to have cancers with higher survival rates, such as breast or skin, while those in deprived areas suffer more "poor" cancers, such as lung or liver, with low survival rates.
Last week the Government published the latest deprivation index, showing the most deprived neighbourhoods in England.
A COVENTRY neighbourhood has been named one of the most deprived areas in England.