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decrease the pressure of

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In addition, through-valve leakage to open ended vents, such as unit isolation valves on not operating depressurized compressors and blow down valves on pressurized compressors, may be measured using acoustic leak detection devices.
Once the system was tagged out and depressurized gravity took over and the scope plummeted to the bottom of the scope well.
When a pipe is depressurized, the odorized gas is allowed to escape into the air, where it usually disperses quickly.
One passenger, Joao Gaspar, said: "People panicked as we lost altitude quickly and the plane depressurized and jerked about.
At the end of the process, the juice is depressurized and separated from the gas, killing harmful microorganisms.
That debate is worth a brief review, because it bears on the two strategic premises just put forward - planning in a `business as usual' or in a depressurized context.
As such, our repair plan had several contingencies based on what we found once the main was depressurized and the excavation dewatered," said Stephen P.
2] into a depressurized, late-stage oil field that has undergone primary production and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) for several years and is now near the end of its productive life.
Using special beach tennis paddles, two players on each team volley back and forth, hitting a slightly depressurized tennis ball directly over the net without letting it bounce because, well, it's hard to make the ball bounce on sand
Barber descended and depressurized the cabin, which enabled the cabin altimeter to display aircraft altitude.
When a pipe is depressurized, the odorized gas is allowed to escape in the air where it usually disperses quickly, Tartaglia said.
The filtered melt was then fed into the depressurized vent section of a second barrel, where it joined a stream of virgin melt plus additives, before being injected into the mold.
As it depressurized back into a regular gas, microdroplets of the fat and chemical contaminants rained out, to be collected and quantified.
Spy's patent-pending Gemini(TM) lens technology virtually eliminates the possibility of moisture entering a lens system by creating an airtight and depressurized dual-pane lens system.
The generated hot gas, prior to exiting the VT, is used to warm the unit's inlet orifice (spot heating) thus eliminating the likelihood of depressurized gas freezing (self-heating provision).