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decrease the pressure of

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Depressurization or "blowdown" protects key process equipment by relieving fluids from the equipment in a controlled manner.
Without the core-back operation, no bubbles were created by the injection molding due to the slow depressurization rate.
The same method was applied during depressurization to find the maximum 'air leak' through the PDU that could be accommodated with no suction applied to the unit.
The discharge valve, when set to test position, isolates the discharge side of the trap, blocking its outlet port, so that trap function can be checked and downstream depressurization can be done.
After depressurization occurred, the researchers chilled the samples in an ice-water bath and enumerated them within two to three hours using direct plate count methods on TSA.
Among these, three hydrogeological modeling papers address the issues of water rebound in an underground tin mine, depressurization of a pit wall in an open-pit copper mine and structural control of contaminant migration in a tailings impoundment of a lead-zinc mine.
4 ATM of pure oxygen for 90 minutes (excluding pressurization and depressurization time) prior to dental extractions, then an additional 10 dives immediately following extraction of teeth, radical alveolectomy and primary closure.
The depressurization causes air to enter the house to replace the air that was lost due to leakage.
High mortality in these tournaments probably was related to unusual handling and holding procedures (August) and depressurization illness (September).
Others are expected to include new methods, such as sudden cabin depressurization to help pilots combat a hijacking, or training flight attendants in non-lethal self-defense.
Rapid depressurization, it turns out, literally bursts apart whatever bacteria are inside, allowing guacamole or oyster processors to impart a longer shelf life.
OPTIGAN: A playful fairground-stylee instrumental which serves no other purpose than as two minutes, 12 seconds of depressurization after a major Blur-ring of the edges.
The paramedic at the scene of the accident later tells reporters that the mutilated body in the middle of the street has died from depressurization, apparently caused by sudden exposure to a vacuum.
Mark LeChevallier, director of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship, delivering four industry leading presentations on Pressure Management, Opportunistic Pathogens in Premise Plumbing, Reuse in Green Buildings and Risk Modeling of Microbial Control Strategies for Main Breaks and Depressurization.
The TP complies with NFPA codes 850 and 851, which are recommending Fast Depressurization Systems for all Power Plants and Substations.