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decrease the pressure of

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The airplane is thought to have depressurised soon afterwards in mysterious circumstances and flown north on auto-pilot instead of steering towards Texas.
Prosecutor James Ageros said Mr Gossett and Mr Coles were told the area was depressurised before they started work.
US investigators have determined that ground staff covered up an accident in which a vehicle damaged a McDonnell Douglas DC-9's fuselage, and allowed the jet to depart for a flight during which it depressurised.
Jon Smith, Group Commander of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue said: "A cylinder of gas depressurised, there was no actual fire, the gas is inert, which acted like a missile and set off the other cylinders.
Minutes later the captain announces the plane has been depressurised.
Cleveland Police and Stockton Council worked with Northern Gas Network to manage the situation while the gas main was depressurised and repaired.
The crew experienced almost simultaneous fire and smoke warnings, the aircraft depressurised and shortly afterwards exploded.
The ageing Russian-made cargo plane was 45 minutes into an internal flight over the Congo when it depressurised, it emerged yesterday.
When the plane is about to land the cabin is slowly depressurised so the door can be opened for disembarking.
It is currently unclear why the cabin of the Boeing 737 depressurised, reported The Associated Press.
The line was shut down and was depressurised to contain the fire, the energy board said, adding it would work with the federal Transportation Safety Board to determine the cause.
The inquiry concluded the three cosmonauts on the Soyuz 11 were killed by a fatal rise in their blood pressure caused when the cabin became depressurised due to air escaping through a hole created when the landing capsule separated from the main craft.
If the cabin became depressurised, they may have lost consciousness as the plane began a descent from 35,000 feet.
Jon Smith, group commander of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue, said: "Acylinder of gas depressurised, there was no actual fire, the gas is inert, which acted like a missile and set off the others.
The flight Stephanie Booth, who owns the Bryn Howell Hotel, Llangollen, was on from Malaga depressurised and had to return to the Spanish Airport.