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First-of-its-kind data relating to the depressurisation of CO2 pipelines is being made freely available through industry cooperation.
He said, "The F-16 fighter pilots have looked at the windows and they have said that they appear to be frosted over which indicates a very, very low temperature inside the aircraft and that might mean depressurisation at a very high altitude.
The production test, scheduled to take place in the fourth quarter of 2012, will determine the effectiveness of producing methane gas by dissociating the methane hydrate in the shallow formation under the seabed using the depressurisation method.
Germanwings, Airbus Investigations by Irish authorities have discovered no evidence of depressurisation or toxic contamination, two years after a mysterious Germanwings Airbus A319 incident that resulted in the crew's issuing a Mayday call.
The installation's monitoring system signalled a fire on the platform and, as a result, a full shutdown and a depressurisation were initiated.
On 25 July last year the Qantas 747-400, local registration VH-OJK, was cruising at 29,000ft while on a flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne when one of 94 oxygen cylinders on board exploded causing a rupture of the forward fuselage and depressurisation of the cabin.
Being in the escape craft would have allowed the astronauts to "quickly depart the station in the unlikely event the debris collided with the station causing a depressurisation.
But rapid depressurisation caused the Columbia crew to lose consciousness, and medical findings show that they could not have recovered, said the report, which took four years to compile.
He added: "It was obvious there was depressurisation in the cabin but there was no announcement and no evidence of the cabin crew for most of this experience.
TERRIFIED passengers today told how they had feared for their lives as their Ryanair aircraft plummeted and oxygen masks dropped down after a sudden depressurisation.
The maximum flow that could be accommodated without the application of suction at this rate of depressurisation was 51/min.
And pressure-controlled, low foam depressurisation provides ideal conditions for filling highly carbonated and easily foaming beverages at temperatures of up to 22[degrees]C.
The shock of depressurisation also caused a number of pregnant women to miscarry.
These new doors will enhance the protection given to Virgin Atlantic's pilots while taking into account the threat of depressurisation in the case of emergency access.
Also available from this website is the first batch which includes release and dispersion data from liquid and supercritical CO2 releases through holes with diameters up to 25 mm (1 inch), and the second batch which includes data from long pipe depressurisation experiments.