depressor muscle

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any skeletal muscle that draws a body part down

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Tongue blade: Tongue blade can be employed so that force delivered is imparted by the depressor muscle alone, and thus the tongue blades are not used as a wedge.
A small hole was drilled through the exo-skeleton in a dorsal-medial position over the depressor muscle.
One possible reason for this anomaly is the action of the omohyoid muscle, which is a laryngeal depressor muscle that originates at the scapula and inserts at the hyoid bone.
4 Other mandibular depressor muscles include the geniohyoid, mylohyoid, and the digastric muscles.
18) A Botox injection (7-10 U) to the orbicularis oculi muscle, one of the brow depressor muscles, was reported to cause an elevation of about 1 mm in the mid-pupillary area of the brow and about 5 mm in the lateral canthal region.