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Synonyms for depressor

any skeletal muscle that draws a body part down

any nerve whose activity tends to reduce the activity or tone of the body part it serves

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a device used by physician to press a part down or aside

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At present, few researches have carried out to develop bifunctional additives with the abilities of both phase stability and vapor pressure depressor for methanol-gasoline.
The injection sites were the contralateral lower facial muscles (elevator and depressor angularis oris).
On 21 March, the failure of a tow cable connector resulted in the loss of the SLH-ProSAS-60 towfish and the attached depressor," the center wrote Wednesday.
These mice were used for AP, HR, baroreflex bradycardia and tachycardia, and aortic depressor nerve (ADN) recordings.
When the hypoplasia of the depressor anguli oris muscle is associated with congenital cardiac defects, the term 'Cayler cardiofacial syndrome' is used.
Na analise da tabela 3 constatou-se maior comprometimento no dominio saude mental em relacao ao tempo de uso (121 - 360 dias - 64%), quantidade ingerida (01 comprimido/dia - 64%) e os efeitos colaterais euforia (64%), ansiedade (64%) e efeito depressor (64%).
Silver/ silver chloride transcutaneous recording electrodes were positioned with the cathode over the depressor labii maxillaris which are uniquely innervated by the buccal branch of the facial nerve.
The parts that you can now remove are the sear, firing pin safety lever, sear release lever, ejector and magazine depressor, hammer and stirrup as an assembly, and maybe the disconnector (you may have to loosen the trigger pin to remove this.
The purpose of this research was: 1) to discover if surface electrode EMG is a reliable indicator of the activity of the laryngeal depressor muscles; 2) to test the usefulness of EMG biofeedback in teaching singers to activate the laryngeal depressor muscles and to maintain the lower laryngeal posture while singing; and 3) to determine if the achievement of said laryngeal posture improves the perceived quality of the sung tone, or changes any scientifically measureable components of the sound spectrum.
She also got some items for herself, spending about $2,000 for a tongue depressor, swab and hospital gown said to be have been used by Elvis Presley during a hospital stay in the 1960s, as well as $1,000 for china from TV producer Gene Rodenberry's estate.
He tailors a sterile tongue depressor for use as a guard to protect the IUD strings.
It was suspected that the infection had been contracted through the use of a wooden tongue depressor during oral examination.
E composta pelos musculos orbicular da boca, depressor do angulo e do labio inferior e mentual que sao inervados pelo nervo marginal da mandibula e irrigados pelos ramos da arteria facial.
Tribute to a Tongue Depressor," Letters From Maine, June 2006, p.
A sufficient amount of cells can be collected by scraping the inside of the cheek with a small wooden spatula similar to a tongue depressor," affirms Turic.