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Synonyms for depressor

any skeletal muscle that draws a body part down

any nerve whose activity tends to reduce the activity or tone of the body part it serves

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a device used by physician to press a part down or aside

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The CG LiV Kits include everything the surgeon needs for enabling valve procedures; the STAR[TM] (Soft Tissue Atraumatic Retractor) and ClearViewMV[TM] Atrial Depressor provide access and exposure, and ESTECH's innovative cannula offerings, the FlexFlow[TM] and RAP FV[TM] Venous Cannula, EasyFlow[TM] Aortic and RAP[R] Femoral Arterial cannula which are key components for minimally invasive techniques.
You need a metal skewer, wooden skewer, tongue depressor, and brushes, plus these materials:
The doctor puts a tongue depressor in his mouth; the boy howls.
The mass was mobile on palpation with a tongue depressor.
An included tongue depressor adaptor that accepts standard tongue depressors snaps on to TotalExam for intraoral images.
Sterilized wooden tongue depressor blades were used to loosen soil and transfer it to sterile plastic bags for transport to the laboratory.
Between 24 and 26 mm, the zygomaticus major, the depressor anguli oris, and the buccinator appear.
Use a wooden tongue depressor to dull the edges of the aluminum foil.
By exerting pressure on the gauze pad through the walls of the bag, the gauze pad was slid off the tongue depressor blade and was allowed to fall into the bag.
For children who cannot raise their hand or arm, lengthen the brush handle with a ruler, tongue depressor or long wooden spoon.
Pulling on a fresh pair of latex gloves and grabbing a wooden tongue depressor for every examination, Mindel told each boy and girl to open wide as he shined a flashlight in their mouths.
On oral examination, the soft palate could be seen, but the position of the tongue did not allow for visualization of the palatal arches without the use of a tongue depressor.
I gave each child a blank mask made out of half of a paper plate, with a tongue depressor hot-glued to the back.
The authors are grateful to the Narragansett laboratory facility support staff that restored the vfin depressor to its original specifications.
It was enough to make me gag without a tongue depressor.