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someone suffering psychological depression

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But at the same time, there is no denying that "Lincoln had major depressive episodes.
On the positive side, the study charts consistent improvement and good overall functioning among one in three lithium-treated manic depressives.
As a result, the population is unusually homogeneous, which will make confirming or refuting a genetic link to manic depressive illness less ambiguous as the study is expanded beyond the families examined for the current report, Freimer said.
Kinney and his co-workers studied 17 manic depressives, 11 of their parents and siblings with no psychiatric diagnoses and 16 individuals with a mild form of mood swings.
The Hopkins investigators now plan tocompare the outcomes for manic depressives with those for patients discharged with severe types of depression, but no mania.
Previous studies, notes Rosenthal, have found even greater improvement among winter depressives exposed to four hours of evening light, from 6 p.
Scientists have known for decades that depressives and anorexics have a defect somewhere in the production cycle that results in abnormally high levels of cortisol.
While this personality pattern applies to manic depressives in general, those patients who shifted from an excitable to a melancholic state, or vice versa, within the first eight weeks of the study had the worst prospects for recovery.
Biological processes are probably also involved, but investigators first need to see if altered immunity persists among severe depressives, who typically enter periods of remission.