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someone suffering psychological depression

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To see if depressive symptoms might affect patients' health outcomes, researchers studied 134 patients with head and neck cancers who reported depressive symptoms during the planning of their treatment.
The research found that the patients should be screened and treated for depressive symptoms at the time of diagnosis.
Conclusion: The primary headache was common among outpatients with depressive disorder, predominantly tension-type headache and migraine without aura.
The authors noted several recent developments in regard to links between depressive symptoms and metabolic syndrome:
Conclusion: Significant comorbidity of depressive symptoms and specific learning disabilities was found.
sup][6],[7],[8],[9] Prior evidence indicated that patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) had increased NT-proBNP levels,[sup][10] and results from several surveys suggested that NT-proBNP levels were correlated with depressive symptoms in patients with cardiovascular diseases.
When surveyed with the Center of Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (using both a 10-question, 30-point questionnaire and a 20-question, 60-point questionnaire), women on progesterone-only contraception demonstrated significantly lower levels of depressive symptoms compared with women using low-efficacy contraception (early withdrawal, spermicides, contraceptive films) or no contraception (mean deviation [MD]=-1.
In a longitudinal study, Caprara, Gerbino, Paciello, Di Giunta, and Pastorelli (2010) examined the association between RESE and depressive symptoms in a group of early adolescents, and found that having strong RESE was not only negatively associated with their current levels of depression, but also that RESE predicted their depression 4 years later.
For the study, researchers recruited 75 university undergraduate students; thirty students were classified as having depressive symptoms and 45 participants were categorized as not exhibiting depressive symptoms.
The definition of mixed features specifier during a major depressive episode would be identical in persons whose categorical diagnosis is either bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder.
United States-based Sunovion Pharmaceuticals has reported results from the first placebo-controlled study in adults with major depressive disorder who presented with a limited number of associated manic symptoms (mixed features), it was reported on Wednesday.
Depressive symptoms were measured using participant responses on the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale.
Staying upbeat may help you maximize your memory performance, especially if you're prone to depressive feelings such as unhappiness, disquiet, and anxiety, research suggests.
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