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Synonyms for depressing

Synonyms for depressing

tending to cause sadness or low spirits

Synonyms for depressing

causing sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy

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COINCIDING WITH THE RECENT triumph of reformers in the Iranian parliamentary elections, Robin Wright's depressingly titled book (are there really to be no more great revolutions?
Although at times it seems depressingly routine and even boring, the task of feeding each other is our chance to participate in one of the divine mysteries.
It was a depressingly familiar story as the Kangaroos ran away with the Gillette Four Nations final, scoring four tries in the last 24 minutes to wrap up an emphatic 30-8 victory in Leeds.
Merseytram looks set to join a depressingly long list of high profile (not to mention high cost) debacles and frankly it's embarrassing.
Everything else Mr Nash says about the nostalgia for war, is unfortunately, depressingly true
Even stranger is his ``Kitchen Project,'' an entire section of depressingly realistic-looking kitchen cabinetry.
This weekend I read a blow-by-blow account of their alleged reunion and it was the most boring and depressingly mundane thing I've ever read.
Of course, in these depressingly politically correct times, the high heid yins of the SFA reacted with an outbreak of all too predictable sanctimonious claptrap.
STELLA, Rubery A STATISTICS prove your mum depressingly right, Stella.
YOUR report on the jailing of a man for sexual abuse, triggered by his victim telling her story after years of silence, was tragic and depressingly familiar to the Samaritans.
The company's old offices had been depressingly anonymous and commercial, and staff wanted premises that would not only serve requirements for secure offices, board and meeting rooms and public space, but would be a source of pleasure and humour for 190 employees, some of whom would be inevitably tied to computer screens.
But it is a depressingly common liberal trait, that habit of pointing out that we're out-manned, out-gunned, and things are bound to get worse.
As for accomplishment, McBride's success as an actor and model was depressingly ephemeral Corcoran shows clips-none of them adequately explained-from some of McBride's stints in various commercials, soap operas, and TV movies (including a scene with Bette Davis), but we never get the sense that McBride was any more than just another pretty face shilling for laundry detergent.
This depressingly Old Labour way of thinking would produce a One-Party Labour State in Wales and convert the National Assembly into the much derided "Glamorgan County Council On Stilts" that many anti-devolutionists predicted.
GORDON Strachan last night applied a gloss sheen on the depressingly dull finish to Celtic's Champions League campaign.